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Business Credit BuilderBusiness Credit, sometimes referred to as Trade Credit, is credit that is established under a business name.

Business credit permits a business owner to use their business credit profile and score for financing instead of their personal credit score and profile.

One of the reasons business credit is so appealing is that business owners can commonly qualify with no personal guarantee (PG).

This means business owners can access cash for their businesses without personal liability.

Another reason business credit is a great resource for business owners is that there is no personal credit check with many financing sources. So, even business owners with challenged credit can be approved for
thousands of dollars of credit for their businesses.

To qualify with most business credit lenders the business must have a positive credit score established with the appropriate business credit reporting agencies.

The two most commonly used business credit scores are the Paydex score from Dun and Brad Street and the Intelliscore from Experian.

Once a positive business credit score is established, many merchants will then approve the business owner for credit in the business name.

Thousands of major merchants offer business credit. However most don’t promote their business credit programs, so they are difficult to locate.

Some merchants offering business credit include Chevron, Dell, Staples  and Lowes.

Once business credit is established and paid-as-agreed the business credit scores will continue to increase. As more positive credit history is established and scores increase, business owners can then be approved for
even more credit with higher limits.

Business credit is an outstanding resource for businesses.

Owners can obtain credit to run and expand their businesses without the personal liability of using a personal guarantee.

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